Insurance & Forms

At Anderson Dental Group, we do our best to work with all patients who come to us, regardless of insurance coverage. Our #1 priority is your health.

Insurance Claims

Anderson Dental Group accepts most insurance plans. As a courtesy, we will submit claims to your dental insurance provider and we will attempt to assist you in understanding your insurance benefits. We participate in the following insurances:

  • Delta Dental (Premier Provider; Does not include Delta Wellness)
  • Blue Dental

Non-Covered Dental Expenses

Our Smile and Save program gives members without insurance 10% off all of our preventive and restorative services for 12 months after joining to make procedures more affordable when insurance doesn’t cover them.


It is our office policy to collect a copay at the time of treatment. Each patient is responsible for paying any out of pocket portion not covered by insurance.


We appreciate your strong loyalty and know that your referrals are the highest compliment we can receive. To show our appreciation, we are offering the 50/50 Referral Program! This means $50 for you AND $50 for your family member or friend to be used toward a future dental service or product!  (Must be over age 18 to qualify)