pediatric dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

When your child needs dental work, Anderson Dental Group provides a comfortable, welcoming environment and high quality care. Feel free to call our office with any questions you have prior to bringing your child in for treatment.

Sedation Method

Nitrous oxide, more commonly known as laughing gas, is a mild sedative that can help children relax during procedures. Nitrous oxide is safe for pediatric use in a medical setting, can facilitate communication between your child and the dentist, and wears off quickly after the procedure.

Interceptive Orthodontics

Interceptive orthodontics involves diagnosing and treating improper tooth positioning as soon as it’s detected. Doing so can reduce the severity of a developing problem and either eliminate or reduce the need for more comprehensive orthodontic treatment in the future.

Restorative Treatment

We offer both tooth-colored and silver options for restoration of primary (“baby”) teeth.

Custom Athletic Mouth Guards

Athletic mouth guards protect the teeth from injury and can prevent emergency room visits and high dental bills. Because custom-fitted mouth guards are made from a mold of your teeth to perfectly fit your mouth, they provide a more comfortable fit and superior protection.

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